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Who is Comexco

Comexco is a reality that captures the best flavors, aromas and culinary traditions, inserting each element in a global project: we take care of the raw materials and their processing, following the whole process up to the certification and the export phase. The proximity to the sea and the mild climate are the ideal conditions for the excellent fulfillment of our processes. The high quality of our products and the specific peculiarities are the result of a scenario that cannot be replicated, but which we are convinced can be experienced.

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Our brands refer to local tradition, a strong element of recognition that tells of a quality product, simple, authentic and genuine. At a time when sustainability and conscious consumption are central themes, the food and wellness markets seem to overlap, the retail structures are experiencing a perpetual becoming, we at Comexco decide to start from the territory to enhance its resources and characteristics, to offer a product that is good, safe and controlled, distributed in Italy and thanks to the important maritime hubs of Naples and Salerno close to the Sarno Valley easily, all over the world.


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We do it for our customers and for the authentic Made in Italy experience they choose to do with us; we do it for the territory in which we work which, through our products, we are proud to tell.

La Ricetta della qualità - Comexco

Recipe of quality

Few, simple and studied ingredients and the Comexco quality recipe is quickly done: the natural goodness of selected raw materials, loving care and scrupulous attention during all processing phases, the practical 100% recyclable packaging.

Sempre più Healthy - Comexco

More and more healthy

We believe in organic as a value that disregards trends and fashions: this is why we have decided to expand our offer with an increasingly organic-oriented proposal.

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